Thursday, October 20, 2011

Five White Guys, One Lady...and a black guy.

      What a fucking week this has been. The people, like usual, deliver craziness in a way that only humans can. Wild, killer animals loose in Ohio, GOP debates, Occupy Wall Street, busty Playmates street fighting with pillows. The world is a zany place and all but that last thing are actual events. The last was a dream I had after drinking absinthe and paint thinner. It's my new "extra-curricular" activity. 

That and training for the "Hurling Bunnies Over Hurdles" event 
for the Special Olympics. It makes "special" people cry.

      The other "real" stuff is wacky in it's own right. The GOP debates were just loopy. It was pretty hard to sit through. Basically it was a bunch of fuck knobs all saying the same thing,  in slightly different ways...then arguing about it. It brought to light a lot of things. Well shit I always knew and got reconfirmation on. For instance, I have had a sneaking suspicion, for a long time, that politicians in general were shifty, bullshit chucking freaks pandering for the most attention. Turns out I'm right! The CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate Vegas Poker Show Down Hustle was a spectacle of unbelievable horseshit. Five old white guys, one old white lady and odd man out, the old black guy. The debate was a laugh riot, as most political debates are. It's the most "serious" hysterics a politician can participate in, without cocaine, a hooker, a congressional page and a cell phone being involved. I'm surprised it didn't deteriorate into a topless arm wrestling match, complete with aggressive comparison of gun collections and pee pee size. Republicans are funny. 

I totally hate immigrants more than you!

      I recall at one point, they were talking about raised taxes, people not having kids and European birth rates...all in the same response. What the fuck? Politicians are an odd mother fuckers. The rambling on about dropping manufacturing corporations taxes down to zero, then, hoping they bring trillions of dollars back from their overseas operations. It's strikes me as somewhat obvious that politicians have been bought out by corporations, when they talk like that. Keeping that in mind, think about the baby thing. More kids, means more consumers to buy their corporate sponsor's goods. Fuckin' brilliant and damned weird. Oh, the veiled weirdness is one thing...the stuttering is another. Politicians make a living out of talking people into shit. That's all they do! They talk people into doing shit their way, oh, I mean the way of "what the constituents want". Right. It amazes me how much of a stuttering mess all of them are. It's like a watching a priest trying to explain why he has boy's underwear in pocket. 

The,, uh...uh, it's not the, uh...hike,, undies...uh...the...nipple...tuh, the...twisting...

      I view all politicians and their ilk with suspicion. Call it the paranoid American in me. I KNOW they're all liars. Why? Who wants a job that pays $400, 000 a year, bad enough to spend millions of dollars to get it? Does that make sense to anyone other than an goofy crooked politician? Say what you will, it still comes down to just that-untrustworthy. A lot of these fucking people have jobs that pay them millions per year already. They want to give that up to earn less. For what exactly? The noble pursuit of leading American toward a grand, noble and righteous future? Bullshit. You like money, just like I like money, just like they like money. Don't feed me fetid sheep balls and tell me it's jelly beans. Can you really trust a mother fucker that would? My view is that all politicians have something else going on besides the public interest, regardless of party. So, when watching debates like this, I get an odd kind of amusement out of it. It's drives me to borderline guffawing.

Old school guffawing

      I tout myself a follower of neither party. Both the assholes and elephant assholes, have a lot of things wrong. Both parties also have some things right. This isn't about sorting that shit out. This is about the douche bags at this particular douche bag debate. Some of the bullshit these stupid bastards were slinging left me in awe. They want to drill for more oil, kill any kind of head way for universal health care and want to fuck education in it's ass. How quaint. They have this outdated idea that manufacturing will save America. What the fuck are they smoking? America hasn't manufactured a quality good since the 60's. Even then, was because corporations hadn't yet realized Mexicans would work for ten cents and a burrito a day. They have a beautiful fantasy world that I would love to visit. I think that's where the Republicans envision America heading...the fun filled fantasy of the 60's. Well, maybe not. There was a lot of free range fucking going on back then. Republicans hate getting ass, unless that ass is pre-certified by Jesus. So, maybe, more like that shimmery, innocent, shiny wonder land we called the 50's. Yeah. Back when standard ingredient labeling on food wasn't a law, cars were seat belt optional and smoking was a vitamin. The good ol' days when "health care" was doled out by aging doctors who could be paid with a pig and garbage, used tires and beatniks were burned. Those awesomely, golden days when, Mexico or any country for that matter, feared the white man and his shiny fedora and suit and black men voting was a punchline, not a right. I'm sorry Republicans. Those days are gone. We do want jobs, energy and affordable health care, but, we don't want black lung, paycheck sucking gas and phone book thick HMO hospital bills to get it. 

If you value money over breathing