Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Funniest Movie You've Never Seen.

      What I have for you today, is one of the world's great comedy movies. One you've probably never seen. It stars Bill Murray, Randy Quaid, Geena Davis and Jason Robards at the height of their careers. Okay, maybe not Robards, he's been old since time began, but, still. Bill Murray makes his first and last attempt at directing for this as well. I re-watched it recently and it still, surprisingly, holds it's own. Then, again, it's always been one of my favorites. It's marvelously underrated and just off radar enough to be hip. It's called "Quick Change".

Not pictured: A shitty movie.

      The movie came out in 1990 and was slightly ahead of it's time. It never really took off at that time. The indie movie market was starting to go mainstream. People were looking for, what would eventually culminate in Pulp Fiction. This flick just flew under the radar. I believe it's because of the angst ridden way that Bill Murray played it, maybe the humor wasn't classic "tard Murray" or perhaps America didn't like young Geena Davis's tits. Either way, it didn't go very far.

He's a crying on the inside kind of clown.

      Basically, the story rolls like this; Bill Murray is a disgruntled city employee who comes up with a plan to rob a bank. He does this, in what has to be one of the most ingenious heist plots ever put on film. I'd tell you what happens, but, you need to see the fucking movie. Anyway, he manages to make his escape with his cohorts, as planned, unscathed by the police. Yet, as is life, shit is never that easy. 

I just want to get to the goddamn air port. 

      While the police, are figuring out what happened at the bank.Bill (Grimm in the movie) and company can't seem to get the hell out of New York. Everything goes wrong for them. They get mugged, their car is destroyed, the mafia get involved and more. If had a day like that, I'd fire bomb a nunnery. Eventually, things come to a head when the cops close in on them. Then,...go and watch the movie and find out, bastard! I'm not giving away shit for free here. 

You can't hold a pimp down.

      This movie kicks ass in almost every direction. It has a little of everything: high brow, low brow, slap stick, surreal, even a gay joke. It's got almost everything (no aborted fetus jokes, which is sad). It has Bill Murray, playing the roll of a bank robbing, ex-civil servant. Now, imagine if Peter Venkman, from Ghostbusters, lost his Ghostbusting gig and turned to crime. That's almost exactly how Bill Murray plays this character. He has lines and quips to spare and he uses them, to harness the powers of all that is funny and holy, to make you piss your pants ...Bill Murray style. It's tremendous. 

      The casting is perfect. Everyone does a fantastically good job. Randy Quaid, as the phone repair guy, bad ass. Geena Davis, sans bow and arrows, kicks ass...and is in possession of young Geena Davis's tits, which is awesome. The supporting cast has Tony Shalhoub, as a foreign cab driver (to this day, when I see a city bus, I instantly think of Tony Shalhoub describing a bus. Yes, another sad look into my mental state, but,'s funny.), James Robart, as the experienced police captain (when he imitates Bill Murray, I still piss myself laughing). It has Phil "Funny Motherfucker" Hartman and with a tiny role Stanley Tucci. You know...the newly minted "middle aged gay guy role". The one that that Nathan Lane used to play...only Stanley does it a little more serious. Oh, come on...


      So, go, do yourself a favor and watch Quick Change. Buy it if you have to, you won't be let down. Though, if you are...that's terrible and sad. Namely, because you would now have confirmation that you have no sense of humor and may just be a hollow, husk of a human being. One consumed by their own petty, miserable existence and whose only outlet is their own pain and humiliation. Then again...maybe you just like young Geena Davis tits. What the hell is wrong with you?

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