Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's All Protest For...Something?

      I don't claim to be an expert on the subject of politics. Anything that takes longer than "titties" to explain and I could care less about. Usually, I chock it up to white devils yelling and lying to a bunch of other white devils who do the same thing, all in the name of drowning kittens. Sorry, I get a lot of my political philosophy from second hand anecdotes told by the homeless guy down the street. Let me tell you, a fifth of gin, a cigarette buys you a lot of crazy "Kennedy was a Nazi spy for aliens" stories. Who am I to pass up political, stimulating entertainment like that? I digress. Honestly, I just try to sift through the bullshit that politicians give me, the best I can. Lately, I have been reading up on this Occupy Wall Street thing every so often and it's getting to be a big fucking deal.

Now approaching "big fucking deal" status

      The protests aren't what I read for. People protest all the time. No one gives a flying fuck all the time, and that's nothing new either. What I read to find out is, what's the fucking point? Believe me, I mean that in the kindest sense. Anytime masses of people get together for anything other than burning an effigy of me, I'm all for it. I might even join in, if I can over come my fear of crowds, without the inevitable pants shitting happening first. I think money might motivate me to join more. If I can sell a crowd of confused, anti-something protesters some t-shirts, hot dogs and nipple clamps, Elton has a happy day. Excluding my willingness to take advantage of an angry mob fiscally, I have yet to find a point for the mob. What do they want?


      According to information gathered from the myriad of non-sexualized sites I look at, they've all taken a stab at it. They seem to think they want...student loan relief. That's it. What the fuck, guys? Really? Fuck. I mean, student loans are a big deal. Student loan debt is now out pacing actual credit card debt now. I can see how that's a big concern, for some. What about the heaps of other shit people are concerned with? Like, well, I suppose a short, consolidated, ADHD concern list might look like this: jobs, removal of the lobbyist system, revamping corporate tax codes for job growth stipulation, arrest of those most directly involved in causing the financial crisis, free weed.

Yeah, and...we want...wait...I forgot what I was going to say. 
No seriously. I forgot...wait...wait...uhhmm...
potato chips would be SOOOOooo good right now.

      Okay, free weed taken off the table, what remains seems like a good start to me. It would be something at least. As of right now, the "movement's" direction so far, seems pretty aimless. Which is a bitch, because, that many people, without a point is a dangerous thing. All anyone has to do is wait you out. Eventually, those people will get bored or find another cause to jump behind. Maybe even get violent. Humans are fickle like that. Another reason to find a direction...and soon, is that, if the Occupy Wall Street movement doesn't, some one else will. One that might not fit, but, will be deemed "good enough" by the media. Then, my foggy minded protesting friends, you might not like the moniker but, it will be too late. 

They've got one waiting in the wings. 
I think it's something like, left wing, freedom hating, puppy stabbing, 
baby murdering, homosexual wedding planners.

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