Saturday, November 3, 2012

There will be...NEW!

      Lately, things have been getting a bit stale for me, like a potato chip which has been the birth canal of an 80 year old woman for days. The air is not as sweet, the dirt...not as dirty. Everything seems, stagnant and sullen. The park patrons, who watch me play handball with my imaginary friend Jimmy "Two Jugs" Jenkins (he's a rough and tumble blues singer from the 30's) aren't as mortified in terror. I feel, that I just need a change.

"Two Jugs" expertly serving the ball whilst making an obscene gesture.

      So, in an effort to appease my growing apprehension toward the regular, I've decided to change up this blog and it's infernal stale stank look.  Though, I'm not sure which way to take it, really. Porn blogging isn't exactly an grand audience builder, despite how ravenously loyal a porno audience is. Besides, how many ways can you show tits and dicks and still be satisfied creatively? It's all been done. So, instead I've decided on a stripped back design. However, since I am unbelievably destitute, I'll still be pandering for donations and hoping against hope that Adsense will one day cut me a huge check. That's why I'm keeping the ads. Unless some insanely rich, questionably sane benefactor reveals himself, it's Full Sail University adverts for the lot of you.

Be prepared for a different look. I won't make it too startling.I wouldn't want you to think you've come to the wrong site. I'll try to keep the battered puppies and disembodied penis pictures to a minimum. 

Perhaps I should offer a how-to-fuck up you blog post or two? Anyone interested in learning the finer points of slapping together an ill-conceived banner and background? about poorly laid out blogs. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Not having any knowledge of how to edit anything, a website, a simple printed out Word document, my own words before they escape my dumb mouth, I would be a bad person to offer design input. But I understand you need to change things up. Please, don't change the background to floating disembodied dicks.

    1. Agreed. You should try nipples instead.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with. You are more design orientated than I am, that's why you made me that banner that time (thanks again!)

    2. I happen to believe the male form of the most grotesque things on the planet. I looked at myself nude once, at a quick sideways glance and screamed for 12 days straight.

      Addman - Anytime, sir. I'm at your beck and call...though, not sexually, as my nudity induces screaming for weeks on end.


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