Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Robin Williams Party We Never Threw {Pt. 2}

I'm a depressed person. Clinically so. I used to see a therapist about it, until I couldn't afford it anymore, but, alas, I got a diagnoses out of the deal, so, money well spent, I could say.

      However, to try to explain or say that one thing can cure it over another is beyond me and I won't belittle anyone's strife by saying I know a sure fire way to kick it. Partly, because I can't kick it myself, but, to also state that one person's reasons, pains and such are not the same as anyone else. So, to say what might have helped or would have solved it is pointless and more than a little arrogant.

      Robin Williams committed suicide for whatever reason and that's sad. I say that for selfish reasons. His death made me sad and for all the reasons I stated in part 1. I'll miss him and all that he's given me and although I never met or talked to the guy personally, I feel that the comedy light in the world has dimmed a bit.

Still, no matter how I couldn't "fix" Robin Williams's depression and the thought process that brought him to his ultimate decision to end himself, there's still something I think that would have been great.

A party.

A party for Robin Williams.

Robin Williams, during the course of his life attended many a party, I'm sure of that, but, one that may have been different, but, never happened would have been one of appreciation.

      Not a celebrity laden, empty, elbow rubbing who's who of money, fame and power, all of which seem to want something out of it. No. Just one of authenticity. A party filled with people who, by his mere presence in the world, made them better or changed them in some way. I would say a "tribute", but, all of those seem so fake and self serving.

      No, the party I'm thinking of would have been a showing of thanks; A gathering devoid of television cameras, paparazzi, selfies, autograph hounding and attention getting vultures. No showing of clips cut into a retrospective of a career or even dressing up for that matter. Simply, Thank Yous from regular people, who wanted nothing more than to let the man know how much he truly meant to them. How much he meant to them, just by being...him.

      A party of that magnitude would have been impossible, of course, logistically and otherwise. Whether it would have "cured" Mr. Williams of his blues and woes is neither here nor there, but, simply to say "Thank you, Robin, for being different. You're magical, sir, and I just wanted you to know that.", in person, would have been fantastic.

      That party couldn't have happened, though, I can't help but feel, that, that would have been a party worth throwing. If only to say a few, genuinely kind words to a man that made us all laugh and perhaps inadvertently gave so much more.

Goodbye, Mr. Williams and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  

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